Rainbow Reading is an audio visual facilitated reading programme. The books are ‘high interest’ for students who are reading below their chronological age to gain fluency, confidence and comprehension skills. Each student works independently, reading the story  using a CD and headphones.

Reading Recovery is a successful early intervention programme for children, who after one year at school, are struggling with reading and writing.  For half an hour a day, these children receive individual tuition to give them the strategies and skills to independently cope with decoding unknown vocabulary in reading and writing. It is intended that the children who participate in the Reading Recovery programme make accelerated progress, so that they are able to engage in the classroom programme, as at least an average student within their peer group.

ESOL at present caters for 19 students who have English as their second language. The programme is run by Angela Guernier, who works with these students one to one, or in small groups, withdrawn or in the classroom.


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