Walking School Buses & ‘Feet First’


‘Kids On Feet’ Walking School Buses

The Walking School Bus is a fun, safe and active way for children to travel to and from school with adult supervision. Each bus walks along a set route with at least one adult driver, picking children up at designated stops and walking with them to school. This is then reversed in the afternoon. ‘Passengers’ receive colour coded tickets and walk tags.

The Walking School Bus is flexible to suit the needs of the families using it. The bus can go as little or as often as parents “drive” it. Children can use it every day or according to their family schedules. The service is free.

The ‘Kids On Feet’ Walking School Buses provide numerous benefits:

  • Healthier more active children
  • Increased independence for children
  • Safer and closer communities
  • Opportunities for children to interact with the road environment in a safe and active way
  • Reduced chaos and traffic congestion around school gates
  • Providing companionship and fun for both parents and children
  • Extra time for parents by sharing pedestrian journeys
  • An environmentally friendly form of transport to and from school.

‘Kids On Feet’ Buses are fully supported by Travel Safe with personnel and resources for students and parent volunteers.

Tahatai Coast School ‘Kids on Feet’ Buses

Green Route – Grenada St        Contact: Sandra Comer Ph 574 8078

If you are interested in starting a new walking bus route, please contact Cindi Feder

Travel Safe Coordinator

Ph 577 7051   or 021 227 5150 cindi.feder@tauranga.govt.nz


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Walking School Bus Registration Form


‘Feet First‘ at Tahatai Coast School

The ‘Feet First’ programme encourages students to walk, bike, scooter, skate to school everyday. The Tahatai Coast ‘Travel Smart’ Student group run the programme within the school. Data on the number of students using active transport to school is collected from each class, once a week. The student group then calculates a fortnightly average for each class, and announces the Feet First winners at assembly for the Junior, Middle and Senior School.

The Feet First programme helps promote

  • Healthier, more active children
  • Children who are more connected with their community/neighbourhood
  • Children arriving at school ready to learn
  • Reduced chaos and traffic congestion around school gates
  • An awareness of environmentally friendly forms of transport to and from school
  • An awareness of choices for safe travel to and from school
  • A flexible programme that is able to be developed with associated student led initiatives
  • Ability to collect reliable data on active transport, useful when investigating future needs associated with safe travel to and from school


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