The Tahatai Curriculum

At Tahatai Coast School, we deliver the NZ Curriculum through a Connected Curriculum inquiry process.

The Tahatai Curriculum is based on our iCan Tool Kit which is explored through a School-Wide Theme

2017 School-Wide Theme

Our Space

Our Place

Outer Space

Teachers, both individually and within Whanau, have the opportunity to provide learning experiences that will stimulate and enhance your child’s learning, through an inquiry method.

In the 21st century, young adults entering the work force, will need to have an excellent understanding of problem solving skills, to meet the challenges that will face them in an increasingly changing environment.

Through a Connected Curriculum inquiry approach, we believe we are preparing our young people very well, for their future.

iCan Tool Kit includes…

iLive and iLearn Behaviours that can be easily aligned to the Key Competencies in the N.Z. Curriculum.

iSupport (Relating to others),  iThink (Thinking), iSelf Manage (Managing self), iCommunicate (Using languages symbols & text), iBelong (Participating & contributing)

iCreate…The ability to be creative and innovative learners and thinkers is central to Tahatai Coast School’s Philosophy and Culture.

SMARTS based on the Multiple Intelligences. This helps the learner to know more about both themselves and others. Teachers plan to cater for all of the SMARTS throughout the classroom programmes. This also supports the inclusive culture of Tahatai Coast School. The value the “Everyone is unique and special”, and everyone has different strengths and areas to be developed).

Thinking Tools are graphic organisers that assist students to explore and develop their thinking and their recording of the learning.

iCan Tools are four simple statements that reflect an inquiry approach to learning.

The iLive and iLearn Behaviours, the SMARTS and the Thinking Tools all support the learning through our iCan Tools, Inquiry approach.

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