Intrinsic Motivation

We know that forming and maintaining a strong relationship between home and school is crucial in ensuring our students achieve to the best of their ability.

At Tahatai Coast School we want our students to take increasing amounts of age appropriate responsibility for all aspects of school life. This includes their learning, behavioural choices and social interactions. We encourage and work with our learners to develop ‘intrinsic motivation’ – internal motivation to make positive and appropriate choices for one’s own learning & behaviour, rather than being motivated by external rewards or threats.

Celebration of success and individual excellence occur regularly and in a variety of ways. Friday morning assemblies as well as team celebrations, newsletters and bulletins. Reporting to parents procedures and our end of year Celebration of Learning are also important ways of acknowledging excellence. Friends and family members are encouraged to share in the celebrating of your child’s learning.

Celebration of Learning.

One of the most powerful ways that you as parents can understand and celebrate your child’s progress over a year, is when your child shares their learning at our end of year Celebrations of Learning.Parents are consistently amazed not only about the way their children articulate their learning, but also their ability to show their progress through the year.The classroom teacher is also part of this celebration, but in a support role. Students are very confident in talking about what they have been learning, and seldom require this support, even our little 5 year olds.There may be three or four conferences happening at the same time, in any one room, and the buzz of excitement is very evident. We look forward to inviting you to this special occasion towards the end of each year.

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