Special Needs

Special Needs students: ie students with unique learning needs, are valued members of the TCS community.

We aim to fully integrate every Special Needs student into our mainstream programmes through ‘Supported Inclusion’.

The education programmes that we offer our special needs students, will not be compromised during this time.

As parents of a special needs child, you have a choice of the type of education you would like for your child.





At Tahatai Coast School, we believe that special needs students…..

…bring a valuable, added dimension to our school community.

…encourage tolerance and empathy in students, and assist in embedding our core philosophies for all students.

We also believe that special needs children @ Tahatai Coast School….

…experience a nurturing and stimulating environment provided by skilled, in house teachers and learning support assistants, in collaboration with outside experts.

We also offer….

…an experienced bank of outside agencies to tap into, including Itinerant Specialist teachers for ORRS/ Visually Impaired students

Every child is special and unique, and our goal is to help your child reach his/her greatest potential.

For our students with unique learning needs, we provide opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, both within and outside of the school environment. Swimming, cooking, music classes, Riding for the Disabled, front row seats for visiting performances at school, and community visits, including shopping, library and visits to the beach.


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