Flexible Learning Environments

"Our learning spaces are flexible to meet the individual needs of TCS students"

At Tahatai Coast School our teachers work together to plan and teach learning programmes within flexible learning spaces.

While their ‘homeroom teacher’ is their first port of call, children also have the opportunity to work with other teachers and children in their whānau in aspects of their learning. This allows us to utilise teacher expertise, be adaptable with groupings, and meet the individual needs of all our students.

Modern learning environments allow children to work towards acquiring the necessary skills associated with 21st century learning, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork.

At Tahatai Coast School we do not believe in making our students fit within a fixed environment. Instead we will adapt the learning environment to best meet the needs of the students. Sometimes they will work in open learning environments with high levels of flexibility and choice and other times they may be with their home teacher working under a more structured model.

Kea whānau Cover Photo