Supporting Learning at Home

“Learning doesn’t stop at 2.30pm!”


Teachers will work with families to develop an approach to homework that suits the learning needs of the child while taking into account the realities of home life and extra-curricular activities.


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to take an active interest in what your child is learning and help them achieve their learning goals. This might involve listening to them read, testing them on their spelling words or timing them to complete their maths basic facts. At Tahatai teachers will collaboratively plan a homework programme that best suits each individual student and their family.

Reporting to Parents:

In school reports and at teacher-parent-student meetings, teachers will offer practical ideas for ways that you can extend your child’s learning at home.


For parents of our Year 0-1 students you will also be provided with a learning resource to take home as part of the home and school partnership programme ‘Mutukaroa’. The resource will target a specific learning need for whānau to be able to support their child at home.


Seesaw is an online tool used across all year levels. The downloaded phone App allows students to share their learning and work, completed in the classroom, with parents and caregivers. Each time a student uploads an example of their work an alert is sent to the parent or caregivers phone, providing timely opportunities for parents and caregivers to support and engage with their child’s learning journey.

Other ideas that support learning in the home:

Check out the following links from the Ministry of Education, that provide information and tips on getting involved in your child’s reading, writing and mathematics learning: