Whānau Teams

“Collaborative teaching and learning” 


At Tahatai Coast School, classrooms at the same Year Levels work collaboratively in Whānau teams, giving students the chance to learn alongside their peers and teachers from other classes across their year levels.

Kororā Whānau - Year 0/1

Whānau Team Leader: Miriam Collins

Whānau Teachers: Miriam Collins.

Pīwakawaka Whānau - Year 1

Whānau Team Leader: Mikayla Carroll

Whānau Teachers: Kerry Hardisty, Kerry Laugesen, Gemma Tebble, Mikayla Carroll and Rachel Zinyowera.

Tui Whānau - Year 2

Whānau Team Leader: Trudi Farrelly

Whānau Teachers: Amy Bidois, Kelly Maaka, Trudi Farrelly, Maria Adam and Judith Williams.

Kea Whānau - Year 3

Whānau Team Leader: Keri Hunt

Whānau Teachers: Bex McKenzie, Keri Hunt, Rowan Barton, Dianne Pellow and Natasha Ballantyne.

Pūkeko Whānau - Year 4

Whānau Team Leader: Alison Robilliard

Whānau Teachers: Bianca Neilsen, Mike Standing, Martin Dijkgraaf, Holly Read and Alison Robilliard.

Kererū Whānau - Year 5  

Whānau Team Leader: Yvette Brown

Whānau Teachers: Greg Semmens, Sarah Nancolas, Hayley Hikairo, Yvette Brown, Kate Hollard and Justine Taylor.

Ruru Whānau - Year 6 

Whānau Team Leader: Hayden McCormack

Whānau Teachers: Hayden McCormack, Rebecca Borman, Adam McLean and Pauline Uden.