Board of Trustees

“Governance and strategic direction for TCS

Tahatai Coast School is governed by five elected parent representatives, the Principal and an elected staff representative. The fundamental role of the Board is the governance of the school and setting the school’s strategic direction in consultation with staff, students and the community.  The Board works hard to ensure that Tahatai Coast School is the place to be for staff and students!

Board of Trustees:

Daniel Elliot, Eliot Hall (Staff representative), Matt Skilton (Principal), Donna Te Wheoro, Ali Teo, Tim Acker (Chairperson) and Tony Burnette.

Board meetings are open to all and are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.

Board Elections:

The current board was elected in June 2019 by our community. The next board elections are scheduled for 2021.

Latest Board Of Trustees news:

The BoT share the latest news and updates once a month in the school newsletter.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Minutes - 25th February 2020

Meeting Minutes - 28th April 2020

Meeting Minutes - 26th May 2020

Meeting Minutes - 30th June 2020

Meeting Minutes - 11th August 2020

Meeting Minutes - 22nd September 2020

Meeting Minutes - 27th October 2020

Meeting Minutes - 24th November 2020

Meeting Minutes - 23rd February 2021

Meeting Minutes - 30th March 2021

Meeting Minutes - 25th May 2021

Meeting Minutes - 29th June 2021

Meeting Minutes - 27th July 2021

Meeting Minutes - 31st August 2021

Meeting Minutes - 28th September 2021

Meeting Minutes - 26th October 2021

Meeting Minutes - 30th November 2021

Meeting Minutes - 1st March 2022

Meeting Minutes - 29th March 2022

Meeting Minutes - 31st May 2022

Contacting the TCS Board of Trustees:

The board would love to hear from you. Please contact them via email here.